Elementor vs Thrive Architect: Which One I Should Buy?

Nowadays, many people using Generatepress Theme with either Elemetor or Thrive Architect page builders. No doubt that Elemetor is one of the best page builder but still Thrive Architect is also awesome.
So, which one should I prefer?

I Recommend Thrive Theme Builder which comes with Architect. This will help you design any themes you want. Yes, not only you can develop a page, but you can develop a theme.

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Thrive has lot more customization option. But you must also understand that it is a little bit bloated. The speed might not be that great.

Also another problem i found was it doesn’t works well with some plugins.

Like Perfmatter and flyingpress gave me some issue when i tried it in one of my site. But that’s not a problem for everyone.

If you use elemetor just for a few pages like i do for about me, sales page,etc you can use script manager or similar plugin to disable the script in other pages of the site and your site shall do well. And elemtor is free and good for that purpose.

However i don’t recommend building entire site with a pagebuilder as it bloats the site and affects ux. Unless you are a portfolio type site.


Thanks, @MyilRaj @saurav_556 for the advice.

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Elementor is easy. It has biggest community. Every problem solution for it can be found on Internet.

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