Emergency ! Need Help Adsense & AdMob


If I delete my gmail account,then my Adsense & Admob account kya delete hoo jayega
1 week , 2week ke bad kya phir se mai naya Adsense account khol payounga
It’s emergency to me ,plz plz aap jo bhi jante hai bol de


To prevent,

  1. Login to AdSense
  2. Go to Accounts > Settings > Access and Authorization > User management
  3. Invite a new Gmail user > After acceptance, make it admin.

Also, you can see here more details how your Gmail ID has been used. If anything is important, make sure to disconnect it.

  1. https://myaccount.google.com/dashboard
  2. https://myaccount.google.com/security-checkup


No sir
I want to delete my current accounts
So I can open a fresh account


Add someone from hgk team till then / or add any of your trusted friends

Disclaimer: Add only that guy whom you trust, on your risk


I did that a long time ago, and I wasn’t facing any problems, but things might have changed now so do this at your own risk.


But how it will help me ?


What’s problem with current Adsense and Admob?


Can’t delete adsense
Can’t login to Admob
So I want to a new account but showing already has both accounts.