Anyone facing

redirected you too many times.
Try clearing your cookies.

with using Cloudflare?

Suddenly, my websites started to show this.

I have bypassed Cloudflare by making the cloud grey and sites are now working.

Anyone else faced the same on today?

It is due to redirect loop issue. It is due to errors in SSL configurations. Please go to the SSL tab and change your SSL mode there (If you do not have a valid SSL and you want to use cloudflare SSL, use flexible mode or else use full mode).

You can also install cloudflare flexible SSL plugin and reactivate cloudflare and most probably that will solve the issue for you.

Suddenly, it was started to appear, I haven’t done any changes in my SSL config since June. And I have different cf account for different websites, so how can it happen at once with all sites when each site is added in each separate account?

All my sites are working fine and possibility of such a bug is not there. It is quite possible that you were having valid certificates at your sites ( all generated/purchased around same date) which expired on same date as well and you landed in the issue.

If you open your site in browser, the top lock area can helps you learn more about your ssl cert’s details and you can know whether it has expired or not

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Check DM.

DOn’t know how, but the issue is solved now (automatically).