Expired Domain Redirection (Different Niche)

I saw many people starting blogs on Expired domains which are previously on different niches and they are now ranking good for any Niches…
Example: Govt Expired domains ranking for any niche

Now my question is can I redirect an Expired domain (Previously Lottery Niche) to my money site (Entertainment Niche) to get the link juice…


Do I need to start a News blog on the Expired domain without redirection…?

I think, second option is better. Do not redirect off topic domain to your own site.

Redirection is not good.
But working with expired domains can you very fast results.
I am doing this but cant tell you the domain.
My domain did amazing last month (March).

My Expired domain is not Niche relevant… Can you guide me how to get the Expired domains niche related… ?