Expired Domain Redirection Rules

I bought an Expired domain that has back links built on www.expireddomain.com without HTTPS…

So, I used following cloudflare redirection rule.

Source: www.expireddomain.com/
Destination: newdomain.com/$2

But the new site is on Blogger then what IP should I point from expired domain DNS settings?

I also have another option without cloudflare…

Create a blogger on expired domain and simply redirect to new blogger.

Suggest me the best Way

Destination rule looks incorrectly written. Follow exactly …

  • The source should be without www like *example.com/* so it matches all varitaions

  • The destination should start with scheme (http/https) and www or non www as canonical

For Blogspot, you need to add A record at new domain DNS manager with following IPs.

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