Ezoic and Cloudflare: How to Integrate?

I am trying to integrate Ezoic with Cloudflare. Do I need to do something after this step? Thanks in advanced!



After successful implementation pls write a detailed guide for us. It would be very helpful for us. Thanks in advance…

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I have installed Cloudflare app for the site.

What I am expecting now

  • Ezoic automatically change the required DNS, uses bunch of CNAME records and all.

  • There should be tons of cookies related to Ezoic in the HTTP header response

These signs I am not noticing despite Ezoic is connected to my site and Cloudflare.

Update: Contacted its support. Awaiting for the response.

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Did you set it up correctly?
Changes name server?
Or you have already got ezoic setup, you are just getting cloudflare?

I’ve been trying to integrate ezoic to Cloudflare, facing 502 error. How can I fix this?

Sir, Can you pls recommend some methods to properly integrate ezoic and Cloudflare?

Contact your host and ezoic team.
As far as i remember. Host often blocks the ip or blacklist their ip for security reasons which gives that error.

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Okay. Contacting them.