Ezoic and Cloudflare: How to Integrate?

I am trying to integrate Ezoic with Cloudflare. Do I need to do something after this step? Thanks in advanced!



After successful implementation pls write a detailed guide for us. It would be very helpful for us. Thanks in advance…

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Nothing else is needed I think. Did it some time back

I have installed Cloudflare app for the site.

What I am expecting now

  • Ezoic automatically change the required DNS, uses bunch of CNAME records and all.

  • There should be tons of cookies related to Ezoic in the HTTP header response

These signs I am not noticing despite Ezoic is connected to my site and Cloudflare.

Update: Contacted its support. Awaiting for the response.

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Did you set it up correctly?
Changes name server?
Or you have already got ezoic setup, you are just getting cloudflare?