Ezoic launches Ezoic Leap & Cloud

We all know that using ezoic can make your site super slow. But wait…
Now ezoic promises that you page speed will pass Core web vitals. For this they have launched “Ezoic Leap” which has been replaced by “Site Speed Accelerator”.

Using Ezoic Leap will make your site super fast that will help reach 90+ in page speed score and pass core web vitals.
Ezoic features:

  • You dont need to buy any paid plugin or use any caching plugin like Autoptimize, wp-rocket, litespeed cache etc.
  • No need to use any webp converter plugin.
  • No need use of plugin for minification JS, CSS or html.

Ezoic cloud has been launched to make ads load faster.
Let’s see what happens?
If this works I am definitely going to use it.

What do you think?

I haven’t got the access yet, so I couldn’t comment.

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But you left a comment :man_facepalming:



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