Facebook is blocking my Website URL for Community Standards

Hello Guys,
I have website recently build : https://www.cricsurf.com , but i facing this issue on facebook , that i am not able to share my website urls , the main site as well as blog articles . Please suggest me guys how to unblock .
I have raised many times to facebook support centre , but nothing happened.

Welcome @Mukul_Dilwaria to #HGK.
Here you can get this

There is no help on the link bro … i have already raised and message Fb team several times, but nothing happened

Test here

yes i have already done it https://developers.facebook.com/tools/debug/?q=cricsurf.com , it say you dont follow community standards , after that , i click on let us know and wrote the reason to unblock many times

Were you spamming your link in each Facebook groups and places?

yes i did for 2-3 days

Spamming for 2 -3 days, Nice :ok_hand:

Wait for sometimes, maybe it fixes automatically.