Facing Issues In Google Ads

Hello HGK,

After a long Time I am here & need help…

I have created video on my services and have created a Google ad campaign but from 24 hours it’s not running, No Views, No Impression and my Funds are going in waste…

Please Highly Need Help Or Any Suggestions…

Thanks In Advance.

Are you share that no other campaigns are running in the same account?

In that case, contact Google Ads customer care - https://support.google.com/google-ads/gethelp

Have created fresh Google ad account and this is my first campaign

Also have changed & increased the bid also as per recommendation but nothing improvement have seen in campaign!!

@GulshanKumar @BihariLala @rajdeep

Any Help or Suggestions Please :pray:

Please contact Google Ad support. There is a toll free number as well.

I had a similar experience. I would suggest contacting Adword expert for management instead doing self.

Finally ad team have replied my mail and request for Number for setup and done, but still ads was not working so ones again have Request for call and at the finall movement thay said you can’t promote stock market videos on YouTube.

My question is to HGK members, all my competitors are promoting successfully and why only my video is rejecting??

You can contact at Google ad support team and tell them your problem with them. Surely you can get a solution soon.