February 2019 AdSense Earnings and Report


Thread to discuss Google AdSense February 2019 month earnings, new update and more!


AdSense remains dead and there is a new algorithm update rolling out today.


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My traffic is also down from past few days. May be effected by new update.


Yeah, seems like a big update.


November 2018 ??


Fixed, thanks!


I always hope it will be a blessing for me but the traffic remains the same since August 1st


Good old times that we had before August 2018 is not coming back anytime soon.


I have lost around 70% of my organic traffic. Makes me want to try blackhat because it seems like sites with 4 or 5 paragraphs of content are ranking better than mine.


I recovered pretty good from that. I remeber August, I deleted many old thin posts and updated some. Worked all day long and finally recovered.


Did you recover all your traffic or some? and how many post did you delete? Also did you 301 them or simple 410?


Deleting posts could be risky if the site is big. Imagine removing a article with backlinks that also helped other articles to rank.


My taffic was blooming before August, when medic update came I lost almost 70-80% traffic. I deleted all posts which were dead and written poorly. Then I updated many posts which were deranked. It took some time but I recovered a big chunk of traffic. If comparing today with August, I lost 5-10% traffic overall.


You are right but when that was a try, My website was dead anyway and It worked!


Google’s Gary is doing AMA today. Do ask your questions!


That is awesome, i have around 2000 posts, it will take me a forever to figure out which ones are poorly written and which ones need an update.


CPC 0.01 CTR 2.27%… RIP my website


Posts which were deranked


I have 8000 posts, I don’t know where to start. If I update 50 articles a day, it will still take 6 months. And I won’t be able to create new content if I focus on this.