February 2019 AdSense Earnings and Report


8000 is a lot, there is no way you can do it. Maybe hire someone to do it for you. I am thinking about paying someone to update all the old posts for me.


I am going to update those.


He runs a news website, so 8000 make sense. Even updating them doesn’t make sense.


Agree Bro… :frowning:


Same With Me :sweat:


How do we know if its really thin/poor content or something else?


What I recommend is to pick top 10 or 20 posts which used to generate a lot of traffic for you but they deranked.
Either update them or scan the top 10 serp result and see what is ranking or not. I updated 5-6 posts which were a little bit outdated.

Thin Content is any post which is short and doesn’t answer the query of User. Read the backlinko.com and you will get the idea.


Should I hide my ads for some time?

I am getting revenue and traffic on a particular site.

Getting CTR of 6.68%


i am getting 10% for like an year. If the clicks are genuine then it shouldn’t matter.


i am going to do that. Thanks for the tips


Yes, the traffic and clicks are genuine. I am getting traffic mainly from Facebook


I don’t think Facebook traffic would considered genuine for Adsense as they want organic traffic.


Earning from Facebook traffic is usually much lower than organic.


Yes, I’m hiring a content writer to update my old articles. And i am publishing new articles as well.


Yesterday, Earning was quiet good


WTF! :zipper_mouth_face:


Is anyone’s real-time analytics acting weird?


Looks pretty normal here.


Mine shows 6 which is very unlikely. Lol or am i hit by another update


Analytics could be broken on your end. It won’t drop that much lol.