Finally left the job (60K per month) to become a full time blogger


Since last 8 years I was working as a Senior Embedded Developer in an electronics company and 3 years ago I started a blog (now it can be considered as a programming website where students and developers come to read and share their knowledge). From last 2.5 years I started working 3-4 hours daily and I reached more than 12L page view per days – website is ranking at 2295 in India and 24982 in the world,
After thinking and analysing the all things – I decided to work full time to make the website more popular.
I was getting paid 60,000/- per month but I started loving the blogging. I don’t know whether it impacts on my financials or not – but I will be satisfied.
Things that I am going to start with the full time blogging, if someone can consider me, it will be great for me
• I started corporate training (computer programming) in Delhi and other cities (one of my upcoming training session on Advance Excel is in Mumbai).
• I also provide programming training + SEO + for Individuals (1500/- per class of 75 mins in Delhi, 3000/- per class + travel expenses for outside training).
• Blogging consultancy along with (Content management, blog management, SEO, AdSense Ad optimization etc)
• Of course technical content writing
• Also trying to run a co-working space in Delhi (as of now – I have a small office where 2-3 seats are free) but in the loop I have good offices those will be rented if I found more bloggers to work with me (and if they confirm).

By the way, it was really a great time to work between 09 to 05 – but I am going to enjoy a lot working from my home, balcony, office, cafe(s) and al most everywhere.
Like this…
Working from a balcony (over the night I work from here)

Working from a HOTEL room (Most of the Saturday nights or when I travel, I work from there

Working from my fav. cafe (Lopera)

By the way my name is "SUDHIR SHARMA"



Are there no insects and mosquitoes?



A lot of - right now they are su*king my blood - but if I go inside (in a comfort zone) it will be tough for me and others who are sleeping



wish u luck !



All the best brother. You made a wise decision for your career.
Wishing you all success.

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All the Best…



Wish you all the very best. You will definitely achieve your dream soon.

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For career perspective - this decision may be wrong but for my passion - its a correct decision and definitely I will create if profitable and more than the career.

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Great decision bro. All the best.

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A successful career is pure outcome of your passion. Career means what you do is what you love?
Just going to a job for a salary is not a career.



Good decision keep it up… better to be your own KING no matter how small the kingdom is…



Already done it 7 years ago. :+1:



I am also planning to leave the job

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I don’t have any programming skill but I just love blogging like anything.

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You can but before it , you must have financially strong.



All the best for your career @DUGGU



thanks @imjitthu



Best of luck and get all blessing from everyone and get success.



Same from me with love :heart::kissing_heart:



Best of luck for future.

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