First month Adsense earning of hindi multi-niche site

9638 page views
27620 impressions
168 click
total earning 2$
it’s too low ?
or it’s ok for first month??
it’s around 0.80 ₹ per click

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Somewhat normal as page views is low.

Good number of pageviews for a new site but very low cpc.

you can expect 3-4$ with this number page views , although cpc is always low for hind sites

It is normal. Keep adding contents and keep building links.

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2 to 3 Months old

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It is normal for hindi website. Try to increase your traffic. :blush:

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There are very low numbers of advertisers in Hindi Language due to which Adword CPC is lower than English keywords in same industry as result you get very low revenue sharing for the same.

It is same almost every country and Languages


Same I have observed for my blog.

I have two blogs- entertainment and technology blog.

Traffic of entertainment blog is more than the technology blog and the clicks also more.

Suppose I am getting 50 clicks on entertainment blog, i was getting 0.1 to 0.5 for 50 clicks


For technology blog for 1 click I was getting 0.3-0.4

I think it is all about the content type, if your content is quality and niche is good then you will get the good CPC.

Coming to the primary question- for the beginner blog your traffic is huge and it is good for. Initially, you should have focus on the blog traffic, once you will get enough traffic then defiantly you will earn more.