Fiverr hate me :(



I am on Fiverr since long (July 2016) and had created/deleted many gigs. But weird thing is that I never got any order on Fiverr.

Don’t know why but it looks like Fiverr hates me. :confused::confused::confused:

I only get 5-7 messages every week but they never order. They just ask questions and disappear. Don’t know whatever reason behind this mystery.

Am I over polite to buyers?

I try to remain as much as polite and answer every question they ask. Even I try to help and save their money.

For example, some buyers ask that they are getting an error while installing wordpress app at google cloud platform. Then I suggest them to use compute engine and install wordpress which will save some bucks.

Even sometimes I create a custom offer with almost half price of the original gig.

Am I suspicious?

No No… I had linked all social profiles. Earlier I was not using profile picture but now use it.Yes, five-star rating missing of course.

Are my gig SEO optimized?

Earlier I was not targeting search keywords in gig description but started from last year.

2-3 months ago, noticed that none of mine gigs appear in search results (no clue why this happened), so contacted the support team. They helped politely and gigs started appearing again after one week.

Are my gigs overpriced?

No, all prices are according to service. Simply, not too much and not to less.

Are you continuous online since 2016?

I was not continuously online at Fiverr, sometimes gap of weeks and sometimes months.

Shared at social media?

Yes, but no effect.

@gulshankumar @Fasho @supx @all Please review and suggest what should I do to get orders at fiverr? Share your opinion.

Thanks in advance. :slightly_smiling_face:


I have two advice for the same.

  • make your profile looks serious.

“I work hard for satisfaction of my customers”. I do appreciate your efforts however this is very generic and doesn’t make sure how perfectly you will do the job, even there is no rating. So really it doesn’t appear convincing to me.

So, you should write simply “WordPress developer or Cloud Engineer”. That’s it.

Let people know what’s your level. Don’t feel shame in showing off.

The better you can make positive hype, the more better client you can attract. Please let them think you are a PRO and best for the Job. Speak boldly. “You are at the right place’ What, you will get”, make people assured with confidence that they have visited right Gig.

  • You should be online, else getting client is tough.
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Also, I am wondering why did you selected weird username. Buyer are human, they want to interact not with Gulshan but who appears professional and trustworthy seller.

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Will keep it in mind next time.

Going to fix it now.


Also… please remove this line

I am a professional blogger 

It’s your personal matter. Instead you should explain expertise that I have worked 5 years on this or that just relevant to the Gigs.


As I had mentioned that I had created account in July 2016. At that time just created on name of cartoon (zatchbell) (don’t know why!!)

Now fiverr not allow to change name, that’s why suck with it. I thought it will not affect so not created new profile.



Please create a new profile, just serious and professional to the point. No glitch, no personal stories.


Wish you all the best :slight_smile:
Happy Freelancing!





Yes, charge no more than $5.

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The gig related to wp speed, which you are selling at 20$ is costly. I sell same at 5$ and had done 6 successful orders in last 2 months and all with 5 star ratings.
Atleast keep the prices less when you are starting just and have no reviews

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I came across a new trick to get less orders but high revenge on Fiverr.

Stable and fixed location VPS, USA phone number, Payoneer account.

Sell and pretend to be an agency based in USA.

Resell Gulshan Fiverr gigs for x4 price.


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Ok, I will reduce price to $5.

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