Fiverr Payment Error


while purchasing Gig on Fiverr, I am getting this error. I have used multiple debit cards but the same issue.
how can i pay?


try credit cards.


i don’t have credit card.


Try PayPal. If still doesn’t work, contact card issuer.


I’m using PayPal for Fiverr Gig buy. CC is required.


i tried PayPal same issue. my friend also facing the same issue.


This may be a problem if your card doesn’t support International Transaction. Please contact card issuer.


i have tried so many cards but same issue.


I think, for Indians, we have to use CC for PayPal to send money. I have Axis CC.


PayPal and many other international site doesn’t support domestic card. So, if you get International Transaction supported and enabled card it will work.

Further, to prevent cyber crime bank automatically put hold for the INTL, user need to activate if required.

Contacting card issuer will be helpful and there is no other solutions.


ok, thanks.


You’re welcome!


First I tried with Axis debit card. Unfortunately, it didn’t work. Then tried with Axis cc. It worked.


Get Kotak811 virtual Debit Card. It works everywhere


Debit Card which can make International Transactions (printed on the card most of the time) will work as well.