Flipkart is the worst Affiliate program

Do you folks agree Flipkart is the worst Affiliate program they dont track product sale, there payout is high at Rs.2500 which keeps increasing as soon you are closer to the limit they stop tracking your sales and they never honor any affiliate sales either… Flipkart customer service is also getting worst day by day… I have stopped using and recommend others to stay away from the trap of Flipkart…

Some more details if you still dont agree >> https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x7t3um3

Why are you not using Amazon instead? I don’t aware about their Affiliate Program because I rarely see sites with Flipkart codes.

Yes using amazon already they are fairly good except when you sell large ticket items >10k they are the same… But Flipkart is by far the WORST AFFLIATE on this planet they cheat

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