Flying Press vs Cloudflare? Site Speed suggestion

My site is loading in nearly 1.5 seconds. (GTmetrix score).

Already Cloudflare basic is configured. Not using any Speed optimization plugins.

My goal is to achieve site load times in Milliseconds.

I don’t now have any images to be loaded in each post.

Should I go for premium plugins like flying press to minify JS and CSS? Or any basic plugin can help with this?

How to improve TTFB for a global audience.

Going for Cloudflare pro will help in improving TTFB?

Any suggestions appreciated.


I have my blog developed with Thrive Themes and without premium plugins, I have reached the milestone. There are many optimization methods are available and it varies with the situation. Need to analyze your site in this case before coming up with any decision.

If your site is mostly static with no dynamic elements like the comment section then go for Cloudflare APO. It costs $5/month. APO caches your site to the nearest edge location and there is no bandwidth limit.

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