Free Domain Parking Service

Hey folks,
I am Abhishek Verma, offering free domain parking for everyone. If you want then contact me through the details below :

WhatsApp :
Telegram :
Twitter :

You also DM me here on HGK.

Thanks :slight_smile:

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Can you please explain this service?

For how long?


You’ll get a free parking page with contact form integration, so If anyone want to buy your website can contact you directly through forms or other contact details.

This service is free for lifetime.


I will also add a Paid plan after some time. In which, I will offer Domain Bidding, where we will contact on behalf of you and try to sell it.

How 's this idea? @Saksham @GulshanKumar


I think, this is a great idea.

Can you park a unregistered domain? For like 6 months?
It would be a .io domain for startup.
Can you do it?

What you mean by unregistered

Only registered domains can be parked right? If it’s unregistered then anyone can buy it.

And after the purchase only it can be parked with whatever you want.


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and @AbhishekVerma is only providing the free parking page so we will have to buy the domain first!

You should mention this in the description! @AbhishekVerma

Okay, brother


Yaes! :sweat_smile: I was thinking about this lol.

In that case, it’s totally different from what he is providing.

Nonetheless free is always good. Maybe in future.

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I think he should write, I will create a domain parking landing page.

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I want to park my domain which I am using since 3 years now I am taking a pause from this blogging journey so i want to keep my domain safe…for 1-2 years. next month my domain will get expired so is it possible to park it without renwing it?

No! You will have to renew it to keep it.

Then we can also make a landing page whats the use of this service?

Is it just for saving hosting money

Parking is useful only if you want to sell your Domain.


and as @Amlan said Parking service is mainly used when you want to sell a domain.

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