Free Low Competition Keywords [First 10 People]

Hello everyone, today I’ve got some free time and decided to give out free low competition keywords to first 10 users of the Gulshan forum (first come first serve basis).

All I need to know is the niche for which you’re searching keywords. If you’re skeptical about me stealing your niche then you can simply ignore this thread [no offence :slight_smile: ]

Why I’m providing kws for free?

After making over $100k through adsense in past 3 years, I’ve got bored now and want some break [unfortunately, I’m not going to give you any proof of this, so it’s upto you whether to believe it or not, again no offence!). I enjoy finding low competition keywords and ranking them on Google using parasites. I’m also looking to offer my kw research services on Fiverr and forums like GulshanKumar but before that I want to understand client behaviour so here I’m, offering you free keywords.

P.S. : If this thread is against the forum rules, admin/mods can remove this post.


Kindly Move it to Marketplace :slight_smile:

Moderators can do it.

Nobody is moderator here