From High DA to Low DA without traffic

Hello, long time here,!
I have a domain, which I built a link on to 42DA, but the site has not yet been receiving traffic’s, due to low published contents,

I have not yet been publishing on it, the content there is just to build the link.

Now, I have a domain which I do publish daily on it, and it getting little traffic like 30-50 page views per day :sweat::see_no_evil:, the traffic sources are from social and little from Google,

…Now my question is; If I redirect the to, would all the link juice, DA, PA, e.t.c, move to the

PS: does not have any content and not getting any traffic yet.

Not all the benefits will be moved. if they are belong to the same niche then it may help you on some points but not for all. Better to have a consultancy with @GulshanKumar @DUGGU


@GulshanKumar please check your WhatsApp, or help reply here.

Sorry Dear, I am not able to answer this question. I have always worked on real webite with content but never seen this kind of situation where deal is just about DA, PA.

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Only the links power will transfer. But to get any real benefit, the highDA website should be relevant to the lowDA one, and the links should also be of good quality.

Also, keep in mind that unnecessary domain redirects can also harm the website authority in Google.

for a short team, it may good,
Just consider, on this domain incoming links are targeting to different 100 pages and after the website, you will have just the domain only, no such pages pointing from the incoming links, it may impact after sometime.
Just like @GulshanKumar sir, I also worked only fresh domain, never deal with used domains.

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