From Rank Math Why i went back to Yoast (My Experience)

Before installing Rank Math plugin make sure to read my experience with this plugin.

I hesitated a long time before posting this review. My feeling is that the difficulties i encountered with Rank Math could help people hesitating on installing this plugin.

I installed Rankmath the day after Google big Bug. My google search console started sending error messages, and i dit my best to repare everything.
You could think that, after this big stress, everything went to normal for me ?
It didn’t.

My traffic dropped by 30% and so did my income (i run a woocommerce boutique).

I did email Rank Math and i have to admit they answer fastly. Hindsight, i reread their emails, and 2 things were coming back over and over:

1.) It was Google’s fault and
2.) It was my fault, bad parameters, big technical words, etc… I followed every single instructions, double checked it though.
Traffic continued to drop (and income too).

I decided to uninstall Rank Math and to go back to Yoast SEO after a month of problems.

I did have to rewrite a lot of keywords in yoast console after getting back (products and blog posts), but i am happy i decided to stop Rank Math and save my business. Traffic keeps improving every day. Graphs can’t lie.

I definitely think something is wrong on your end. Correct me if i am wrong!
First thing first

Entering keywords in yoast console has nothing to do with ranking. Its all about how good your article is.
With that out of the way. There is no magic seo trick that these plugins do for you. Infact i have seen some sites with no seo plugins in my other group getting over a million pageview every month. There are literally over 200 of us now who have stopped using these plugins in our new sites and they all are doing great.
Now with that out of the way. What could have gone wrong.

  1. When you changed the plugin the schema of the post could have been messed up since schema of yoast is better than other plugins until you have a different plugin doing the job or its built into the theme.
    2)Your sitemap is generally generated by yoast and once you stop using it then you either need a replacement to submit at search console or do it via rankmath.
    3)Some remaining files and database which yoasts leaves behind even when uninstalled should have messed with your new plugin.
  2. The traffic can be down because of other reasons like holidays, tracking code error on GA, or even a google update.

I dont see any other reason why changing the plugin could have lead this.
Also i personally feel these plugins are useless. If you have good schema and some other features installed any other way there is nothing much these plugins do. There is nothing like if you insert a keyword in seo box of yoast and gets all green tick you will rank one. I have articles in rank one with red marks in seo column and thats pretty normal. Yeah it helps beginners if you forget something like slug editing, right keywords in title or title too long thing as it gives a general guideline there. else there is nothing magical about it as far as i think!


Everything @saurav_556 said and plus you shouldn’t have moved from Yoast to RankMath if Yoast was working fine for you.

If you change a plugin on a big site, you will definitely observe traffic loss as these plugins handles a lot of technical things which you might have missed.


You are absolutely right Saksham.

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It is very sad to hear this!

But the experience with me is totally amazing so far… I am getting good traffic and also rankings are growing up.

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