Future of affiliate marketing is dark?



At least for the “top 10” type of articles, the future is really dark. Dont u guys feel so?


What is this Google trying to do!! :persevere:

But still Google cannot write reviews and people make their decisions after reading reviews only… :thinking:


Google has only listed the names, no other details are provided.

The future is not dark.


If u click on the namers, then the home page of that software is shown as the first link.

At this point its not dark. Hence i said “Future” :slight_smile:


It’s not dark either.

Because it’s more relevant :wink:


Imagine typing the best web hosting companies and the top 10 companies being shown right on top by Google. You would open each one of them and then take a decision by taking trials.

This means that an affiliate site would loose many hits. Even if via review they get a direct conversion, indirect conversion of other products which people might buy on impulse won’t happen.