Future of Blogging: The Upcoming History

What’s up guys!
Now internet is full with contents video/text/images. Almost every question is now answered.
At a time general blogs were the dominator. Now creating a general blog (contains more than two or 3 different topics) will not bring much more results. Users are now focusing on Micro niches. Obviously, there is no doubt that micro niches perform better in particular niches in terms of ranking, gaining google’s trust.
But should we totally depend on micro niches?

On the other hand, Google is now preferring video content over text, especially YouTube. Google gets a better revenue share from YouTube linked AdSense than a website-approved AdSense. Is that the reason for promoting youtube over the internet (from Google’s side)? :roll_eyes: The data from YouTube video descriptions are getting featured in Google’s SERP. Many experienced people have already started to use YouTube description as their blogging platform. Helps in two ways, no headache of maintaining the platform because YouTube provides the whole platform, and the second thing it’s already being promoted by Google itself. The creator just needs to produce more and more content.

Now regional blogging is also on the hike. But how long? Most of the users are feeling satisfied by watching YouTube videos. If they don’t get what they are looking for on YouTube then they go to google.
Currently, the SERP dominators are Now Wikipedia sites and News sites.
And an individual creator can’t beat them (or if can beat then it’s too hard). But still, some fields are empty where anyone can easily boost their blogging journey. But how long it will be empty? One time it needs to come to the public then again the fight for ranking.

I have tried but sometimes the above lines are not in the sequel. Sorry for this :pray:

Now My questions (not mandatory to answer all):

  • What’s your opinion on this?
  • How you’re looking for the future (nearby the next 50 years)?
  • What’re your future plans to engage more and more?

(Views are my own)

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Create Content for multiple platforms. Like, when i write a blog post, I create a video along with written content.

Then I post the same video to multiple platforms and link back to my blog post.

One more thing, Not every question is answered. New questions arise in our minds everyday. New niches are coming every other day.

Like two weeks I discovered a niche very popular in tier 1 and tier 2 countries with good search volume but little to no content.

So stop overthinking and spend time in creating content.


@AbhishekVerma absolutely true.
A few points that I would like to add is:
Video content is the future as people binge-watch more and more. But that doesn’t mean blogs will end.
People still love reading and there are topics that video content usually doesn’t do good with.

If you see the trend closely you will notice how-to, DIY, and interest types video works better than an information topic answering a specific question. For example, I wanted to know can dogs eat peanut butter. You will not find a video with this but you’ll definitely find a lot of blog posts around it.

And if you think that the microniche sites(typically with 10-20 blogpost) will do good in the long run then you are wrong my friend. What has happened is they write about small topics that no one is covering. As the blogging space expands more big blogs will cover those topics then they’ll win the position as well as their site has more reputation in the eyes of google.

The latest of my blog is all about gardening. Now gardening is a big niche if you see you can make a lot of sub-niche like growing fruits, only backyard grass, vegetable, container vegetable, kitchen garden, hydroponic, aquaponic. But then I am going to cover all of these ones by one. So you see, big sites still are going to dominate the serp. Follow it here: Progress Update For My Blog:-Month 13 Update

And by no means there is a lack of keywords or niches. I have so many ideas to work and so many topics to write that even if I write for the next 100 years the niches and topics won’t end.

What I will suggest:

  1. If you want to earn more in the niche. Don’t focus on news around the industry. Its a dynamic industry and it will evolve. You need to find a mentor and invest in some good courses to keep up with the knowledge. The point is people want to earn more than everyone else but they don’t want to invest in improving their skill. And what you get for free, we don’t value that. So better get into a mastermind group. Focus on learning and improving your skill and you will get there.

  2. Write more content that helps people. No fluff, no filler, no paraphrasing or copying. Create unique, original content.

  3. Diversify your earning: Ads, affiliate, info products, lead gen, membership, etc. Also, invest a good chunk of what you earn into stock market for good growth and diversification.

I could have said the same thing about blogging 5 years earlier and people can repeat this again 5 years from now. Nothing will change. You can follow my above blog journey which I am sharing here for years and see for yourself how it evolves. Trust me there is more opportunities to blog and even earn more as time passes. more people are getting internet and accessibility. More topics are coming up. Its an never ending cycle.


What you mean by filler? Sorry, but i didn’t get it.

Already doing it.

I mean your answer must be to the point. For example the question was can dogs have peanut butter and after writing a few para on it you went ahead and starts discussing about their diet needs curd, milk etc. Now you are away from the point and that’s filler content…

Another popular example is in thee recipe niche. Before giving you recipe most bloggers fill content like where this dish came from, its history, how they learned it and all, Thats filler. I am there for the recipe and not the history.


I do it and it works to rank better as compared to competitor blog.

Like if I am writing a post on “How to create a telegram chatbot?”

Then the post goes like this.

Short Intro
What is Telegram bot?
How telegram bot is different from a Telegram user?
How many bots you can create with one telegram account?
Advantages of a Telegram bot
How to Create a Telegram chatbot?
What is API and How to use it?
What programming language we can use to create a Telegram bot?
Steps to Create a Telegram bot
Tips to be creative while creating chatbot to have a good conversation.

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Google has already caught it and in last few updates a lot of recipe blogs got hit. And their traffic tanked by 80%.

I suggest be on point. Yes in short term you might do well but in longrun google will catch everyone. They just keep improving their algo. There is no way to beat it.

Relevance is the major ranking factor. And it will only get better!

Think as a user.

When i ask this that means I already know what it is and what are its advantage. So, I am there for how to create one right. When you bury the lead too down below that could be a problem.

Same as recipe bloggers did!
Check this:- https://youtu.be/Es5DSuPeZJc


@saurav_556 Is it necessary to put niche word in the domain name. For example if I want to build blog on grammar then Is it necessary to put the word “grammar” in the domain name (e.g. grammar4u dot com). Is there any SEO benefit if we use such domain name. Or if I have my name domain and I start writing on grammar then would it affects my ranking?

I don’t think so. But it must be somewhat indicative. For example www.englishmastery.com could be used for teaching grammar. Its obvious that some blog that teaches english will have grammar lessons as well.
Having the keyword binds your site. You will only be able to create small batches of content. What if the keyword is not relevant after few years.

For example:- You made a site about www.petrolcars.com what if 5 years from now no one usage petrol car? Everything is green and electric. Now you cant add electric content there. Also your years of work gets wasted.

Always go broad with domain. You can niche down on content. But domain must be broad enough so you can expand later.

Also no seo advantage!
Its was old-school technique. Google already know that so you don’t get any obvious gain.


Thanks, @AbhishekVerma @saurav_556 for sharing your opinion. I really appreciate your replies. I have gone through line by line of your replies.

and competataion is also getting started from the next day. How to tackle it?

Yes, I already agree. The second most used search box after Google is YouTube’s search box, not bing. So, videos are the future.

No, they will not end but everything will be occupied by Wikipedia-like sites and news sites as I said above.

Some micro niches can easily dead just after 1-2 months but some micro niches can still run up to 20-30 years or more than that(in any sector)

Competition is in every sector. Whether its Youtube, blogging, traditional business or anything else.

All you can do is stand out. I am planning to setup an entire garden of plants, vegetables and stuff to shoot pictures and videos of those plants with me.
Advantage i will get in long run? I will have uniqye photos and step by step tutorial that no one else have. Why? Because none of the other bloggers are interested in putting that much time and effort. So in the logrun. I am likely going to succeed.

I do polls and ask for community feedbacks to create unique table and data. I visit local nursery to learn more about the plant i am writing about.

What competitive advantage you can generate in your niche? Time to discover!


@saurav_556 Thank you for your reply. Can you give some stats on which posts perform better (in terms of traffic):

  1. 100 posts of 600-800 words.
  2. 30 posts of 2000-3000 words.

You have a long experience in blogging.

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Absolutely, a continuous 3 year of failure but experience and learning is now giving me a way to do blogging.

You already given your opinion But how should we imagine the future of blogging? Any opinion specific for this doubt.

Both will be near to equal amount of traffic around 5k-10k depending upon niche.
However it is just a prediction, actual result can be different.

If you produce good quality content then the future is bright. I can see myself retiring with a portfolio of 6-7 blogs.

The point is not about the length. The point is how helpful is the article.
If you can cover a topic entirely within 1000 words. Thats great. But if thats a broad topic then you might need longer article.
But one important point to note here is length never equals quality. Your article must have unique research, that adds value. Table, infographic, pictures, polls, community Q&A. are all excellent way to add value.

Now coming to the length once again:
Here are two examples:

  1. How long does macbook pro battery last for?
    This can easily be covered in 1000-1250 words. So make it that much. Try to stick between 1250-1500 on lower side and 3000-4500 on higher side.

  2. Is macbook pro worth it?
    This topic needs indepth guide with pros and cons, features and price comparison between brands and stuff. So it needs a longer post. I say 2500 words approx.

Hope that helps!


traffic doesn’t depend on how long your article is.

Selection of topic and giving relevant and sufficient info is the key. When you touch a question think from the mind of your user. What will be the next question that comes into his mind related to your main topic and cover everything indetail. However don’t go far away from your maintopic. Thorough research with good info is the key here.

Hardly 1-2 posts on my entire portfolio of sites bring the traffic of4-5k/month.
Most are around 1000 or less.

(Small topics+A lot of it )is what works for me!
A perfect recipe for easy wins!


Alright. Thanks everyone for sharing your opinion and thoughts.