General question about redirection


Hi Guys,

I have general question regarding redirection.

Suppose I have one link which is indexed in Google. Later I changed the URL of that link also to avoid broken link I have used redirection plugin to redirect the old link to new one.

So, Do I need to keep that redirection for lifetime or shall I delete it after some time? Because I have so many redirected links present for my blog, some are useful. I wanted to delete few of them.

Will Google delete my old link from its DB?



Redirection plugin is trustworthy in my opinion (just keep logs turned off) and it wont put much load.

Coming back to answer your question.

  1. You should keep at least six months redirection for the crawlers.

  2. If you see the logs that very hits are coming to your old path, you can delete it…!! (I don’t recommend)


I see, Google keep crawling 3-4 years old broken link.

There is no assured way to delete it from Google Database.

I am guessing, may be returning HTTP 410 response for the broken link can help…!! (Not confirmed)


Thanks a lot Gulshan for detailed explanation. Really helpful.

I think my blog speed is slow because of more redirection.


Make sure the old URL has no backlinks. If backlinks are built for old URL then redirection must be kept for lifetime.