GeneratePress - Reviews and Opinions?


Does anyone here use GeneratePress on their site(s)? Was playing around with the free version of the theme last night and was pretty impressed by the customization options and especially the site load time. So, do any here have the full version of the theme? Any reference sites that are built with GeneratePress Premium version?


IMO, GeneratePress is an awesome theme and worth the investment.

I was a big fan of MyThemeShop until I came across GeneratePress. It’s super fast, customizable, professional looking, and support is just wow.

Here’s one from where I came to know about GeneratePress.


Yes. I have been using the premium version of GeneratePress from 1 year and renewed my license a week ago. It is so good. And the support is great too.

I was a WordPress noob a year ago and that theme has helped me to easily customize my site. I love the GP Hooks module in premium version to place the adsense ads and to add codes in header and footer of the site etc.


Just visited Woorkup, wow! Theme looks extremely elegant and light weight. Thanks @Shafi!


Do we need to renew license to keep using it? Or is it for support?[quote=“kitty_blog, post:3, topic:572”]
I love the GP Hooks module in premium version to place the adsense ads

I use plugins for ad placements. How different is the above method from placing ad using a plugin?


That’s what I was looking for, thanks man!


If you need updates and support, you need to renew it. However you get 40% off on renewal so I don’t think you would even consider not renewing it.


Switched to GeneratePress. It flies! Read the link you tweeted last night. Purchased it immediately.

So many options in the pro version! That, plus, a few hours of custom CSS coding(thanks to my wife), the site looks amazing. You can customize almost anything about the theme with CSS. No developers needed! Makes Genesis Framework look bad, lol.

2x faster than my old theme. The theme is light AF. I tell you, this theme is the future.


Great decision bro. I can feel you :heart:


Which page builder are you using with GeneratePress? :thinking:


Nothing at the moment. But everyone seems to love Elementor + GeneratePress Combo.


Guess he’s using Genesis Framework + Eleven Forty Pro.




@GulshanKumar Did you see significant increase in organic traffic or ranking after you started using genesis theme?

I want to know if the work that goes into creating a genesis theme is really worth it.


Before Genesis, I have tried a lot of theme from A to B to C to D… and this continued because with all these there was some kind of issues.

Here’s my case-study after moving to Genesis. Zero schema markup error.


Excellent case study.

Zero error is very good. I remember that we saw some errors even when were using schema theme in our website.


I truly love Genesis, and there are some strong reasons for it.

  • :shield: Secure theme, trusted by Industry legends.

  • :white_check_mark: It offers excellent Code Quality. No junk like MTS theme.

  • :white_check_mark: Comes with Header and Footer script adding, where I can add review markup.

  • :white_check_mark: Compatible with most plugins

  • :white_check_mark: Easier to work with it. A plugin like Genesis Hooks, Genesis Edit, Genesis Simple Share - awesome.

  • :green_book: Proper documentations. Lots of tutorials available online.

Perfect theme for me. :100:


A few months ago, I was shopping for a theme and came across schema theme and felt that mythemeshop schema theme was overrated. When so many people with affiliate links were praising it sky high, it most probably meant that they were paying high commission and not that it was a quality theme.