Genesis Child Theme Updates

My friend bought the Genesis extended license and we’re using all the themes together. I can directly update the Genesis Framework in my WordPress dashboard. However, what about Genesis child themes? Do you regularly update the child theme that you use?

When I check people’s reviews about updating Genesis child users, most of them don’t prefer to update their child theme at all. But for example, the WordPress community has started using Gutenberg as a default editor after the WP v5 update. And if you didn’t update your Genesis child theme while updating WordPress, it was going to be hard for you using Gutenberg.

Or another example, what will happen if the latest version of the framework uses PHP 7.x while older version of the child theme which you use, doesn’t support PHP 7.x?

It requires update. Things need careful review after updating.

If you don’t want to rely on Child Theme and worry about update, while still having good design, you can try GeneratePress.


I thought Genesis child doesn’t require update, because, in Fiverr, some of the freelancers who offer website design with Genesis Framework are saying that “You don’t need to update child theme at all. Update the framework only.” but it doesn’t make sense I guess. Thanks for the answer. Yes, GeneraPress looks better and more affordable.

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