Genesis Schema vs Manual JSON-LD Markup


I am using Genesis Framework in one of my websites. I think this framework has an inbuilt Schema.
Now, I am using JSON-LD for my single post under Header Scripts.

Ain’t there be any conflict using both of them.

Note: I am also using Yoast SEO.


Genesis Framework add below type of markup using “Microdata”

  1. WebPage

  2. WPSideBar

  3. WPHeader

  4. CreativeWork

  5. SiteNavigationElement

Yoast SEO adds Article type “JSON-LD” Markup including…

  1. Person

  2. WebSite

Make sure, it doesn’t conflict with above schema type.

An example: You can use review markup.

#3 I have used markup using this site for blogPosting. Can you please confirm it? whether this will create conflict or not.

Thanks in Advance Gulshan


You should avoid it. Manually, it’s hard to maintain consistent information on various properties.

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Friends, if you are using GeneratePress theme you may like to remove its CreativeWork markup to prevent duplicate entity

add_filter( 'generate_schema_type', '__return_false' );



If using genesis theme and latest yoast plugin then you are adviced to remove all other schema markups other then the yoast markup

In genesis there is a plugin by bill erickson which does that

When u are selling a product or selling an affiliate, then you need a product review schema separately.

But if it’s just articles, then yoast latest schema is superb and pinpointed for its task

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