Genesis Vs Newspaper WordPress Theme

(Ultra Noob) #1

Undoubtedly, these two are popular theme in the market :joy:

Which one do you love?

  • Newspaper :heart:
  • Genesis :sunglasses:
  • ummm… Something else :thinking:

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What I found that …

  • For simplicity, SEO-friendly, secure, Genesis is Undoubtedly a best choice.
  • If you care about flashy design, bold fonts, quick search, Newspaper may be your choice.

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But you are using Astra! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

(Ultra Noob) #5

Feeling bit confused. :expressionless: Till I don’t find a suitable one.

(Ultra Noob) #6

Newspaper for life.


(Ultra Noob) #7

@BihariLala Hi, does Newspaper theme offers Google AMP dedicated plugin/theme?

Update: yes, I found it

(Koba) #8

I am using Jnews and completely satisfied with it.

(Ultra Noob) #9

yep, but it sucks, and too much dependence on anything is bad :wink: If there’s a new AMP update, Newspaper won’t be updated to fix it, while AMPForWP would!

(Ultra Noob) #11

In any xyz theme if responsive menu jump suddenly while browsing from mobile, it annoy me. This is why, I am thinking to leave Eleven40. I found GeneratePress also has same problem.

(Saksham Kumar) #12

Newspaper best!! :yum: :ok_hand:

(Ultra Noob) #13

But… it’s really too heavy by page size.

(Saksham Kumar) #15

Yes, that is true. :frowning: Even small pages are very heavy.

But looks good and great for user experience. And speed can be optimized under 1 to 2 seconds so worth the increase in my load time. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Hitesh Rawat) #16

Can you elaborate? :thinking:

(Ultra Noob) #17

I mean, when site load the hamburger menu hidden links items becomes visible automatically for a second. That’s annoying.

How to repro.

  • Enter url in Chrome mob browser
  • Keep eye on header menu.

(Hitesh Rawat) #18

That happens only if the user has a slow internet connection. That’s also because they make it work using Javascript.

You can disable menu toggle and can make menu horizontal scrolling in mobile devices.

Edit: Just checked, this weird thing is happening with your site even with a faster internet connection. Make responsive menu js load earlier to fix it.

(Manashjyoti Athparia) #19

it happens in generatepress also. looking for a solution

(Hitesh Rawat) #20

It doesn’t happens with my website running on GeneratePress.

(Manashjyoti Athparia) #21

it happens in slow internet connection in my case

(Vishnu) #22

I can 100% confirm that this doesn’t happen in Generatepress. Edit: Im using the slide out navigation option. It doesn’t happened in this setting. Not sure about the default layout.

But yes I have noticed this in all sites using Genesis+Eleven40Pro.

(Vishnu) #23

I doesn’t not happen no matter what speed the internet connection is. Works just fine.

(BBQ Queens) #24

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