Get Free Domains for Testing and Experimental Purposes

(अभिषेक वर्मा) #1

I just saw this Ad in newspaper:

And then purchased these following domains :


Whats there tos ??


Btw good for test domain for me


2nd yr charges 3,400 INR
only free for 1 year… Great for test domain :smiley:

(अभिषेक वर्मा) #8

I am eveready for doing these things. Thanks @anon13276939 for sharing.

(अभिषेक वर्मा) #9

@gulshankumar You should also try out this service, I shared above.


As it is a free, it would have some catch. I wouldn’t go for it.

(Mr. Potter) #11

Someone figure out what’s the catch.


I don’t understand why people are afraid to take it as testing domain … afterall its just a name… all file will be at your reliable server only


The catch is that You’d have to get it renewed for 3K/Year and registration process is slower than a turtle.


Taking it as a test domain is okay but expect a lot of spam incoming from .ooo soon.


you are right lyk what happend with .ml .tk :sleepy:


Those were free forever, this one will be 3 effin thousands per year!


But with the catch… that they can remove your owner ship … without notice
this happend with me… i selected a .tk domain … it was small and premium type…
Freenom Revoked my ownership over that domain on 3rd day :expressionless::no_mouth::neutral_face::face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Then never looked for free forever thing


Just did it to test the legitness!

Stuck here since last 30(ish) minutes.


looks like Bhanu it trying to get all high value domain…


Looks like “Their servers are about to CRASH” xD

Let’s just place orders in queue and wait for a couple of days until we get the domain for real.


So far 30+ orders in Queue.


Even they are not locking domains that are claimed and are in queue… after ward what they will say…

sorry… your domain is not yours :stuck_out_tongue:


Tried clicking select? I’m getting unavailable after clicking select in some cases.