Get Free Domains for Testing and Experimental Purposes


Gajab haal h bhai


Wah mere sher wah !!


looks like if you add only 1 to cart it is processed immediately and bulk orders are being kept in queue. probably they won’t even clear the backlog ever.


he ordered 2hr ago


I’m waiting! let’s see what happens!
if it turns out to be another snakeoil I’d literally be tweeting the list of all the domains that stuck in the queue.


BTW I am not going to buy … Don’t take tension :smiley:


You can! it’s not that important for me anyway.


They are charging 277rs just for privacy protection

At namecheap on 66rs domain you get a privacy protection for free

This is also a catch.


at, you get free privacy by using coupon privacyplease


No because it’s not allowed by registry!

You can however use random details


orderd 4 domain

1 single order
3 combined order

all are in queue


2 Hours down! …

Still stuck in Queue.

(I am a love charger) #43

Yogesh shared referral code…

({ Beautiful Code!; }) #44

Meanwhile, someone is trying to hack my Facebook account! Lol! :rofl:

Got this mail in the afternoon!

"Hi Gaurav,

We received a request to reset your Facebook password.

Click here to change your password.

Alternatively, you can enter the following password reset code:"

Bechara hacker, I have 2 phase authentication enabled! :joy:


That’s 2 Factor Authentication bhai

({ Beautiful Code!; }) #46

Yes. In one of our company product, they call it 2 phase authentication! So sometimes gets confused! :sweat_smile:


5 Hours down

Still pending.


Over 12 hours! Still stuck …
@iamHappy wbat about yours?

(अभिषेक वर्मा) #51

I registered two more domains. LOL! Haha.:joy:

I think, it’s not for rich peoples.


Still stuck :tired_face: