Get Star Rating in the Google Search Results (Without a Plugin)



I had implemented using Tag Manager.


Thank you Gulshan!


Hello @GulshanKumar sir, for each post, can I have to add a separate script on GTM?


In case of GTM, yes seperately for the relevant post you should use.


Is there any generalize way? If I have more than 250 posts, then it is very tough to add this number of script.


Sorry, I don’t know any such method.


Hi Gulshan, do you think I can use this “votes” markup for some of my posts? if so, what’s the route do it? I already know how to markup reviews but I don’t know how to do it with votes. Thanks!!


About Votes


I see, but should I do it the same way I do the review markup? I would like to know in what step I should change starts for votes. Thanks!


yes, the process is almost same.


Any Idea how to do this on Blogger.


@Kanth_King In the Google Blogger Platform, you can add star rating markup by editing each review post.


Can we use the same JSON-LD for Places like for Tourism Articles?


You can use it for the “review article” purpose.


Any idea/recommendation for Places?


In a web page, you can include JSON-LD markup anywhere in the HTML. There is no restriction at all, be it header, footer, or body.


I am taking about physical places JSON-LD


Sorry, I misunderstood.

You need local business Schema markup. Here’s details.


Sorry, I will explain you in detail: I have a complete guide about a tourist attracting place just like: Everest Complete Guide, Which JSON-LD should I Implement?


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