Get Star Rating in the Google Search Results (Without a Plugin)



A well-written review is a thought process, enormous experience, authentic information that can influence the intent of visitors.

It takes quality time to represent the best review article. Such content deserves more attention.

For a specific review article about any item, you may consider displaying star rating in the SERPs.


star-rating act as a teaser!! :smile:

Get star rating in Google without any plugin

  1. Login to WordPress Dashboard

  2. Go to Posts > All Posts

  3. Search a review post.

  4. Edit a Post

  5. Go to Text mode editor

  6. Google most recommended way - JSON-LD markup, generate here

  7. Fill up required information such as Item name, Published Date, Author, Review, Rating to generate, then copy your code from here

  8. Add generated JSON-LD markup into your review post

    Genesis User: Add in Header Script option

    Non-Genesis User: You may add directly in HTML Code of your content with in Text mode.

  9. Verify JSON-LD addition at Structured Data Testing Tool - Google

  10. Run test, if you see zero error and warning that means verification pass.

That’s all. Now you need to keep patience for 24 hours. Google will start displaying star rating review with reviewer name in the SERPs like below. :slight_smile:

Kindly note, this is suitable for review only. Abusing markup is strictly not recommended. If you will try to game the Google system your ranking may get down. Play fair.

Update: 2:07 AM 4/2/2018, Added alternative method for adding JSON-LD markup.

Adding Markup without editing each post

Google Tag Manager is a tag management system created by Google. It allows the user to add HTML or JavaScript into a web page as per various triggering rule. Suppose that you want to run a script just on the Checkout page, but you don’t want to edit your Checkout page source code.

This is where GTM can help you. Once, you can simply insert GTM script in the head like Google Analytics and after then anytime you can add custom HTML/JavaScript to your site, without editing the source code.

This brings hassle-free experience for adding snippet into a website. So, I thought why not use same for adding JSON-LD. In our forum software, there is no option to add custom HTML to any specific thread. As an experiment, I tried adding Schema markup with Tag manager and it was successful.


Here’s my step-by-step process -

  1. Sign in to Google Tag Manager.

  2. Create a new account

  3. To setup Account, fill up basic info about your project and click continue

  4. To setup container, enter website URL and select as Web

  5. Next, accept Terms & conditions

  6. Install Google Tag Manager on your site

  7. Click Add a new tag

  8. I would suggest, Rename Untitled Tag to your Web Page name, would be easier to recognize.

  9. Click on Tag Icon

  10. Choose the Tag type: Custom HTML

  11. Assuming, you’ve already created page specific JSON-LD markup using this tool, paste it in the Custom HTML Field

  12. At same page, scroll down, Click on Triggering icon.

  13. Rename Trigger name > one layer more, Select Page view

  14. On which page view? We need to tell.
    Set Some Page Views > Page URL > Contains > Enter Full URL > Save

  15. Next, the screenshot representing a trigger rule has been set for the specific web page view

  16. Save

  17. Submit

  18. Publish

  19. It’s time to run a test. Result: Pass

:point_right: Tag manager script must be correctly placed inside head otherwise, markup test will fail.

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I hope this helps. Need any help, please comment below. :slight_smile:


Thanks & Regards,

How about using Discourse for Blogging instead WordPress?
GeneratePress - Reviews and Opinions?

In my experience, a review is very powerful form of content. It can turn your blog famous if your content goes viral. :slight_smile:


Liking your daily mini tutorials. Useful for bloggers.

If we want blog visitor to give ratings for our content, which plugin is best?


Thanks, I will keep it up. :slight_smile:

KK star rating. I have seen it works very well at many blogs. BTW, I have not tried KK plugin personally.


Gulshan, does this help in CTR or does it help in actual rankings in SERPs?


CTR is decent. Ranking improved after implementing.


I suppose we can do this with Data Highlighter as well ?


It never worked for me.


Perhaps a sub forum named “Daily dose of blogging” to store all your mini tutorials? We can easily find them when needed.

Remember reading somewhere that it can get altered by admin repeatedly clicking 5star.

Any idea about this one?
I already use his db cleaning plugin. Won’t mind using one more plugin from same person.


That’s a very detailed review, Gulshan. :slight_smile:
Love to see the daily dose of awesome tutorials.


Thank you :slight_smile:


I have not tried that Plugin. However, it looks good. If you want to give a try on test install. You can use website for creating sandbox WordPress quickly.


Thanks for the suggestion. Please search DailyDose to see all.


Thank you sir! I was using a plugin for this purpose, I will use this method now. But where to put the code? At end of HTML code? Thank you again :smile:


You may place JSON-LD markup after content. It can be placed before content also. There is no restriction. It should come specifically for a particular web page. See point 8.


OK. Thanks. :no_mouth: I will use this method now.


It would be great. I also prefer to avoid plugin. Because it comes with possible bugs, conflict, security concern, responsibility to update, slow load time, etc. In comparision to that, using above method is very neat and clean.


You can use KK star ratings plugin


Great share @GulshanKumar. You’re sharing so much value here as daily tutorials.


Thanks @GulshanKumar indeed its gonna help many including me :smile: