Getting Error on Wordpress Post editor

I am getting this error while writing any post, not on the page, does anyone familiar with this?

Keep in mind when I change the theme, then the error is gone.

I am using the Newspaper theme on that website. Theme support does not tell anything.

Getting this error after update the theme with the latest version.

If anyone Newspaper them, user, please help me.

Thanks to all In Advance :heart:

Maybe change the font?

change it but nothing happened.

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Please change your theme. Or revert back to previous version.

change theme editor.

Maybe try installing the Classic Editor and see if that works out for you?
If not, simply switch the theme I guess it will work out for sure.

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Yes, Classic Editor works fine. however, I like Gutenberg editor, it’s visually more attractive.

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There are some problems on my Theme Fonts, by changing the Font problem is now solved.

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which font youre currently using now?

Roboto one of the most popular Font

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Thanks, @Mainak for sharing.

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