Getting fake traffic on my site


Hi. I think I’m getting fake direct traffic on my site, particularly from these countries- Spain, Argentina, Mexico,Ecuador and Chile. And they are searching for same article over and over again, using different queries.
Please help!


Use a Web Application Firewall (WAF) to help reduce the threat of bad bots and crawlers that don’t follow good behavior guidelines.


It feels like someone is sending traffic from these countries. Is it possible to buy and send traffic to someone’s site?


Yes, and if the person knows how to generate lousy bot traffic, then he/she can do it on his own.


So what should I do? I blocked a few suspicious IPs, but still getting traffic from these countries


Nothing will happen by blocked few IPs because the person who is sending traffic have 1000s of IPs.


I have blocked these countries also, but I’m still getting visitors. I’m getting worried now.


Start using Cloudflare, with security level - under attack mode for few hours. Then switch to High.

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Did everything and nothing seems to work. I’m wondering if I should inform Adsense about this unnatural activity by filling the Invalid Clicks Contact Form.