Getting Invalid JSON response error due to Google's SiteKit

Hi Team,

Any using Google SiteKit here. I am getting below error on my Wordpress Dashboard.

and when I click on redo the plugin setup link I am redirecting to but here showing below error.

Actually the site is seems down. Is it the official website of Google SiteKit.

Issue resolved. Actually the Site was down.

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Glad, you found the cause and it is resolved now :slight_smile:

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I seriously don’t see any extra advantage of using G Sitekit Plugin.

The only advantage is:

You can configure all three mandatory(GA, GSC, GA) services at one place.

Shows you the report on your Dashboard.

I find bit difficult in configuring analytics on core AMP plugin which is more easier in SiteKit.

Disable analytics tracking on admin login.

So, these are some benefits.