Getting warning notification in Adsense about IAB TC String

Hi friends. In adsense i am getting following notification -

We’ve detected an issue on your IAB TC string on one or more of your sites or apps. These errors may affect your ability to serve ads to European users. A detailed report is available for you on the EU user consent page. Go to EU user consent

On further inspecttion found that error is of type 2.1a - Tag or SDK isn’t receiving a TC string due to CMP status being stub , loading , or error

As solution Adsense is asking - Ask your CMP to make sure that their APIs are properly implemented based on the IAB TCF tech spec.

Also if issue is not resolved in 60 days…ad serving will be stopped.

Anyone else facing this issue? Any idea how to resolve it?

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Hi. What did you do about this error?

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For the time being I have removed adsense ad units. I only had two units…matched content and search…the errors have disappeared for now…will later look how to use these units without getting error


I had the same problem for the last few weeks, and this site wont let me post the link to help anyone?
Jesus! go toPeteNetLive and search for this error.


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Found it

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:slight_smile: Thats the one!

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to resolve this probleme and avoid all errors about IAB TCF V2.0 TC Strings, juste use any CMP solution like sirdata or quantcast.