Goal Achieved! $100k


I finally crossed $100k lifetime earnings and wanted to share my experience with you all.

I bought my domain in the end of 2016 with the intention of having my own .com website and share my thoughts with the world, little did i know that i would one day make over $100k from it.

Coming from a poor family and background, i had to drop out of high school because of financial problems and started working at many places such as: Hotels, bakery etc to get some money to cover expenses. I took some of my money and started a website where i would share my experience on playing various games because at that time i was going through a terrible moment and my website kept me happy.

I started getting serious with blogging from June of 2017 when my site started ranking on first page google and that is when i started making real money from Adsense, my lifetime earning before june was $120 That was my May 2017 earning.

So i managed to make $100k in 9 months

I just wanted to say to never give up on your dreams. Nothing is impossible, it’s just a matter of time when your passion will turn into a huge success. Just don’t give up.

Ps: Don’t ask for my URL

If you have any questions then sure ask me :slight_smile:


From April 2017 … Here is my screenshot


This is a very motivating story. :star_struck:

How did you manage to grow your oraganic traffic so fast? What was your strategy or what strategy should we choose to do the same? :sweat_smile:


Congratulations :blush:


What are ur revenue sources ? Adsense, amazon affiliate or other affiliates ? How much traffic do you have ?


Congratulations… I am happy for your achievement but more happy than this for, you have broken the myth of adsense ban if one earns more than $5000 in a month.


Thanks you very much :slight_smile:


Honestly at that time I didn’t know much about SEO ,actually i knew very little. But the main thing i did was focusing keywords, there are games that went on trending at that time and my articles shot up on the first and it has remained the same until now.


Never will adsense ban you if your earnings are valid. Because the more money you make the more google makes :stuck_out_tongue:


I make money through Adsense and these are only adsense earnings.

And sometimes i make money from advertising games and apps.

Traffic is around 1.5 million page views per month


Congratulations bro :tada::tada:


Passion, indeed!

Something similar happened to me.

Fun fact is 99% of my friends is not aware of the fact that I’m making money, and I’ve no plan to narrate my achievements to my friends or teachers or relatives :smiley:


And congratulations, more to come! It’s time for you to improve your site, get a better host, HTTPS, provide better user experience, and find a way to reduce dependence on Google.


Felicitations!! :grinning:


Shashi Tharoor spotted :wink:


Acclamation, Eulogy and Encomium! :wink:


Morshi, you’re Adsense premium publisher, right? I heard premium publishers never get banned. Is it so?


Is he? :confused: I don’t think $100k is enough for AdSense premium.

Yes, premium accounts have an AdSense employee who manages the accounts, the premium account gets higher CPC (bid is high) even if traffic is from India.

Premium account is available for sites such as Indiatimes.


As an attempt to stop the big publishers from embracing the better advertising solutions, Google grants them a premium version, but G fails to stop most of the publishers from leaving the platform.


Even IMBB has it. It generates over a crore pageviews.

But the CTR would still be low.