Goal Achieved! $100k


That is very inspiring, Many of my friends who continued with their studies have degrees now and are educated but from my experience education is very important but its not the key to success, knowledge and hard work is the key to success.

In school they will teach you how to get As but not
how to learn from failure, the real success comes from failing and trying again and again until you succeed.

PS: I make more than everyone in my family + friends now and i am proud of it because once upon a time even i was called a failure as i did not finish school or attend college.


First, my hearty congratulations to @morshii and @BihariLala .
@BihariLala you should start more sites and show your friends that you are the winner.
Today I read these stories which are really inspiring and good to know that still people are there who can able to bring the change in their life.

My story was similar too, I completed my Diploma and I was the college second topper in 2010. Some of my classmates attended campus and placed in MNCs. Some other joined BE, B.Tech and now working for some companies.
But I am not interested to attend placements and all, but I was strong in my view, “Even if it’s 100Rs. per day as a salary, I should stay with my parents and in my native village”.
Now, I feel like a legend because I achieved more than what my friends are doing now. Many of my classmates and my other batch students are asking a job in my company now. It really making me much proud.

Education, Marks, Ranks are not at all a key to success, but your aim, goal and determination towards achievement decides WHAT you are? WHO you are? HOW you are?

If we had a chance to meet in person, then it will be the wonderful moment in my life dear Gulshan, Morshii, Mayank, Saksham and everyone in this forum.


Thats really great.
Everyone dream to reach this goal.
Congrats and best wishes for future.


Made my day just by reading your story guys,

Congratulations and as @anon13276939 told, I will be also sharing my story when I get my milestone covered and I am pretty sure that you guys will find it Inspirational as well.


Great Job :fairy:


I don’t have any story.:sleeping::sob::cry:


Same here. Not making even 10% of @Morshii to write a story :frowning: :slight_smile:


Very happy to hear all the success stories of members. Good luck to other aspiring members. Hope you get to share your story with us one day.


You will soon have a story to write as well.

And every other person who has not achieved their goals will achieve soon.

Making $500 $600 everyday was something impossible for me, i never thought even in my dreams because where i live $400 is the average salary per month of an accountant who has a degree and if you have degree and experience its maybe around $800

Doctors varries but maxium they get paid is around $1500 unless you have your own dispensary or hospital then you will make alot.

So making $500 on average daily from a blog is huge.

Remember to always be your own boss, working for someone else will only make the other person rich for whom you work.

It’s okay to work for someone else but don’t settle there your whole life :wink:


@Morshii @BihariLala U r real inspirations of what people can do if they are focused and dont listen to the world :slight_smile: Keep going and keep inspiring us.


Hustle until your friends ask you if you are hiring is the perfect quote for you

I would love to meet you all one day, whenever i visit india i will probably write on this forum. I have been to india before but i was only in mumbai. I have been there like 3 times.


Hat’s off sir. The unspoken truth of our system.


You had realized and learned a lot at an early age. :clap::clap:


Hired 90% of writers from Twitter :stuck_out_tongue:


Sure, we will meet one day.


with help of hashtags


Depends. We can have a separate discussion for this :wink:


We can organize a meetup type of thing… like Gulshan Meetup or something similar. :star_struck: :grin:


Congratulations. :slight_smile:

Definitely a very inspiring story it is. :wink:


That’s really Inspiring bro, keep hustling :muscle::muscle: