Goal Achieved! $100k


:fire: aag laga di


inspect element skills :wink::wink::wink:


Motivating story.

My view is also the same. I strongly believe in that.

Keep running! All the best


Congrats! Keep it up ! Your story is really motivating.


@Morshii Now i understand what you did with twitter, i did that 3 year back with my website and i had not so much success that time…


What did he do with Twitter? :open_mouth:


I hacked it


Please teach me how to hack Twitter, I am good at hacking coding like HTML and CSS :pray:


@sushil07 he seems to be a better hacker than me coz he found out about it. So you should ask him😝


ok thank you sir for your kind info…


Clue “Riddle” Website?


Hmmm you have a bright future in winning by guessing :shushing_face:


It awesome to see your earnings…It is really motivating for us…


glad to see it is motivating people, i am back after a long time


After hitting million.


congretz, morshii could you please tell how you filling tax, like filing under which section, business nature etc…


i am not from India if you are asking specifically about it. It comes under self employment and blogging and its different for our country


Do you do your own tax or have you hired an accountant?


Congrats Bhai. I am chasing blogging since 2014 but never succeeded. I won several prizes in my school days for essay writing in hindi. But i am terrible in writing blog posts.
Any tips on how you write good blog posts.


i just do it myself as i have minimal expenses.