Goal Achieved! $100k


Trust me i also suck at writing blog posts. The goal is to get to the point when writing blog post instead of beating around the bush.


yes i am from india too, could you please guide us how you filed tax. we already know how much you making. so hope there is no problem to tell us how much you paying tax. how you saved tax etc


Morshi is not from India. So he can’t help you.

I’d recommend you to get in touch with accountant and he will have better advice as he would know your all income sources.


Better hire a chartered accountant


@BihariLala @Sam_Razzy
i have CA, but i want to verify from other people who actually making money from adsense. different CA has different opinion about filing adsense earning.


I think only CA or finance expert can help you … I make money from AdSense and my CA helps in filing the ITR


i already said i have consulted with CA but i am looking for opinion from people who filing google adsense earning tax.