Godaddy Hosting Review

Easily, just use proper optimisations. Cache plugin CDN etc


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Forgot Gulshan as well?

There Is No need To Mention Bhagat Singh Every Time ,
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Now What Happened To You bro @anon24234743 ???

I also don’t understand these comments, I just blindly copy-paste and enter the codes :stuck_out_tongue:

@Rohan_Kumar Listen a better deal?

Use the Digital Ocean free $100 promo credits and create your account.
You would require a Credit card though, but nothing would be charged.

$100 is enough for 1 year to experiment, learn, grow up and get better in the business.

And in 1 year, with proper hard work, I believe you’ll easily earn more than $5 per month, or very least, can afford $5 per month for your blog. :+1:

You’ll thank me later for saving you from GoDaddy. I initially went on with GoDaddy’s hosting, but it gets all messed up with a little traffic spike and days were full of downtimes.

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And by the way, Digital Ocean is on fire these days…

The usual $5 plan for a month, with 512MB RAM, now gives 1GB of RAM (limited time offer)

SO it’s better than GoDaddy from all angles.

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Thank You Bro . :slight_smile:

But The Problem Is I Don’t Have Much Technical Knowledge , The Main Issue Is Migrating My Wordpress Site After Buying The Server :frowning: .
I Saw Some Articles , But It Was Hard To Understand For Me .

Hope @GulshanKumar Bro… Write Some Fresh Article Explaining In Detail.

Bro, then I believe, you should definitely check that out.

Don’t judge me, but being a blogger doesn’t mean that you’ll always have to write and can’t learn about technical stuff… You can do it. Take help, search internet, but make sure you learn that, even if you don’t plan to migrate to new server.

Imagine, what are those people, who created Digital Ocean (or any other platform) and just beneath the UI layer, what all server rocket science they put in to provide you the service.

I believe you are just starting… so it’s the best time you can play around, and learn as much as you can.

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Umm… until credit gets used up, I believe, not sure?

The max you can get is 4 mounts free hosting.

2 mounts on DO and 2 months on Vultr.

Valid for 60 days only.


I Have Already Started Bro … But Every Time I Tried To Understand Ball Goes From Above The Head.:disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:

I think I Need To Read More :slight_smile:

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That’s so crazy of them. How can someone use $100 in 2 months?

Anyways, signup using the Github student developer pack.

You’ll get $50 credits for 12 months. (I am using this one :stuck_out_tongue: )

And because $5 (with twice the RAM) is virtually equilvalent to $10 plan, you can get 10 months of great service,
And 10 months are a lot… like veryyyy much time to grow.

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Until you succeed. :slight_smile:


What is needed for this? an edu email?

Yes. And a student ID card photo - front and back.
They’re serious about it.

But it gives you premium of overything.

  1. Github Pro
  2. DO $50 credits
  3. Sendgrid 15K emails/ month
  4. Namecheap free domain and SSL

… And others are more developer oriented. But all of that for frer while you’re student.

Even Adobe CC waves off 60% for students.

a fake card will work I believe