Good cloud hosting for Woocommerce

Can anyone recommend me good cloud hosting service provider for the woocommerce store?

PS: Please share genuine recommendations and not affiliated one’s


Hello @pratyaksh99

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Here’s my recommendation based on my personal experience.

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Hi Gulshan,

Firstly thankyou very much for creating this wonderful community.

Coming to the point, I read this entire thread. before asking this question.
I am still searching for a name that will suit my requirements.

  • In what monthly budget do you want?

  • Second, are you looking for cPanel hosting, unmanaged or High quality premium managed WordPress hosting?

Hi Gulshan,

Since we are a startup we are at a toddler stage and so we have restricted our-self to a budget of $15/mo hosting (un-managed).


can you tell your requirements? what you are looking for?

What is your main Target audience Country?

  • IN
  • US
  • Other

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I would have chose Digital_Ocean or AWS

DO is on my List, with recent conversations on HGK Vultr is the new member on the same.

I have read hell lot of negative reviews about AWS stating the bills they generate and the UI.


AWS is not beginner friendly. So, I wouldn’t recommend it. In basic plan, there is no technical support at all.

Digital Ocean also doesn’t provide timely support. Last time, I got reply in 20 days. :flushed:

Vultr offers reply quickly for any new ticket .


Here’s something from side :

Good with Budget, have a techy mind or want some good amount of trial credits :
Go for Google Cloud, you won’t face any issues like Downtime and all.

Do remember to opt for Elastic IP.

If you’re low on Budget but still want ok-ok performance go for Vultr.

If you still face any issues or want some help with setup, just message me here on HGK or on Twitter


Thanks for the idea, I guess at this startup stege GCP will not be a feasible for me. I am planning to go with either Vultr or DO .

BTW Kinsta is also great idea for managed GCP. If budget allows.

Kinsta is great for the WooCommerce purpose. Because, it is powered by Google Cloud, latest and greatest technology.

I would highly recommended for the absolute peace of mind and focus on growing business. :+1:

Why Kinsta

Kinsta Vs Unmanaged server.

Hi, what did you finally go for?