Good Litespeed Servers?

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Trying to find good litespeed servers for a beginner website. Have experience about wordpress. However, i am not finding a good litespeed server. I tried closte and speed is fantastic but CDN is messy.

Please recommend a good Litespeed server / hosting provider


Before u ask, i dont trust google for this query :smiley:

I don’t know any good litespeed server to recommend but I personally use bigscoots now and I have been really happy using them for quite sometime now.

They are really fast! And you get a managed VPS in their managed WordPress plans. Really worth it!

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Checkout 1. Namehero 2. Green geeks

A2hosting does offer litespeed but only on turbo plan. High price in my opinion.

To explore litespeed Namehero is best deal.

For established sites its better to avoid cpanel. Good for long run.

I prefer cloudways now ( vultur high frequency → once traffic grow → upgrade to 4gb )

One reason for this is - varnish act as a load balancing. Good for high traffic sites.

  • Bunny cdn – if i got some decent profit from the website & want to improve site speed further.
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But ur answer is good. I liked both - Namehero and green geeks. I will look into them.


But cloudways doesnt have litespeed. Varnish is a caching solution. Litespeed works differently right?

Litespeed is fast right from get go. Much faster then varnish IMO

Was there any problem in using Cloudflare?

Well closte policies said Proxies arent allowed. So i didnt look into cdn.

Closte also said this - CDN on subdomain like - will cost me $14 a month. I felt thats stupid.

But then i applied CF cache everything with that Super CF Cache plugin. Speed in fact decreased.

I realized that closte by itself is very fast. Whole site was loading under 1 second. TTFB in india was 300-400 ms and US was under 100ms. Which is very good considering server latency between geographies.

So i might again remove the CF Proxy. And just go with a cdn. The speed is probably fast due to litespeed. i have one site at hostinger now.

I saw other litespeed servers and they looked good too. Probably they dont have as stringent CDN policy as Closte.

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For speed, Litespeed servers are best. Cloudways doesn’t offer Litespeed servers currently but I saw some discussions about it in cloudways forums.

For small to medium sites, Litespeed is the best option. But if you want to keep the site 10+ years ( or say creating bigger sites) cloudways is easy to scale up and down. Also, varnish cache offloads some load from the server. For high traffic sites, it can be a better choice (budget wise).

Speedwise litespeed is 20-30% faster than cloudways (without cdn). Approximately 0.5 - 0.8 seconds.

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Speed is the main thing with the page experience update and now i am shifting all my sites to litespeed. 20 - 30% faster with nothing but server change makes all the difference in the world. Closte is on google cloud so i am loving it. And i found the correct CDN setup for it (Surprise, my settings for cloudflare were wrong. This is why i outsource)

If not closte, i would have shifted to greengeeks.

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An update - just compared Crawl reports in search console for 2 sites. One on litespeed. One on Digital ocean and CF.

Litespeed one has response times of 35 ms. No CDN involved in it. Digital Ocean has response times of 100 ms. Full site caching. But the thing is - DO site is far more mature with thousands of pages as compared to litespeed one. So have to take with a pinch of salt. nonetheless LITESPEED >>>> Other servers