Good News: Google Ranking Factors can be Revealed


The European Commission has proposed new rules that will require search engines, commerce sites and online platforms to explain how they rank results and to reveal why companies are penalized or removed from listings or results.


Wow… This is a great news. If we get penalized Google wil tell us the exact reason why they penalized right ?


Yes, Now they have to I think. :smiley:


Misleading title :confused:


while nothing is official, all is a rumour, and I’m pretty sure Google won’t reveal it, and if they do, it would be a disaster for all of us, note it down.


Changed :sweat_smile:



They can never reveal exact ranking factors as it is their ‚ÄúIntellectual Property‚ÄĚ and no one can force them to reveal it! Also, they can never reveal exact penalization factors too as people will find loop holes in it! :wink:


At least they have to tell the areas to fix to pass. We do not need exact penalty details but an idea can be of great use. This is what we needed,

The proposed rules also require a 15-day notice period for any changes to terms and conditions, rather than retroactive notification (i.e., ‚Äúour terms have changed‚ÄĚ). In addition, any rejections (e.g., from app store approval) or delistings will require specific, ‚Äúindividualized‚ÄĚ explanations ‚ÄĒ presumably, rather than a list of potential or hypothetical reasons on a page somewhere.


Totally agreed. And as @BihariLala said, it would really be a disaster for small players like us. If Google reveals, they would mess up big time with their own business. :smiley:


If they reveal it, I would stop whitehat SEO, and focus on blackhat. That’s what everyone will do… because you won’t get penalized as you know the rules that the Google bot hates. If Google gives priority to sites with high CTR, I would hire someone or use a technology to generate original clicks to my articles from google and improve my rank.


But they can be a little more transparent about the ways to keep our sites safe from the updates, only for those who follow whitehat.


Google is expert in using round words. They never tell anything precisely.


But how do they know which sites are applying whitehat seo.


It is like an exam whose answer sheet is we have to write. If the question paper is open and shown to everyone then there is no worth of the exam.


Google is too smart to reveal this, they will come up with some tricks in the sleeves…


Google has already revealead all the ranking factor in its guidebook of 200pages…
Let me tell you what i have learnt in past 5years…
Seo is a piece of cake…
Google wants to the audience the best result that exist.
What is best result

  1. well formatted
    2)descriptive articles on queries a user search…

If we can learn few things on this we will rank for many search terms.
I am currently working on a niche site from past 2months…recently i have ranked for search terms with decent search value and low competiton in less than a week i am in top 20…
First work on niche questions…build a brand authority and give positive siganals to google and head for medium cometetive terms…this way chances to rank on 1st page is quite high


Can you explain a bit more?


What is the ultimate aim of google…
When a user searches for something google wanta to show them best results…right…
Now say you are working on a pet niche …its a competetive niche if you are doing it targeting usa traffic . .
Say i want to make a site on dog …now if u start writing content on dogs directly looking out keywords which have good search volume then u might not rank…as high authority sites often outranks you…petco, petsmart, laberfer etc…But you go a niche down… Guard dogs and make sites on those then you will find a lot of keyword which is still pretty less competetive …you can easily rank there…now still there will be competition wjere evr u start but if you can find low competwtive questions like… Can guard dog sniff better? or do they hear better something very niche which people look for …like Do golden retrivers smells…eyc…you make articles on small topic…build authority and then head to more speicific topics…


You also need to create the most helpful content regarding your topic that is ever possible…to get top rank…piece of cake…just be very helpful and thorough and you have got it…


Divide content in 3 part
1 first 20 post in direct question answer type post…where you in detail answer a particular topic of the niche…
2)then next 10-15 shareable content…Tips…how to etc…
3) next 20 pillar content over 3000 words…medium to high competetive keyword with high volume …by doing step 1 and 2 in forst 3-4 months you five google a good signal also google will trust you fast…now when u do third step it will be quite easy…and you need to put all effort and write these articles in first 4 months only so you see a good growth early…the lazy you are the lazier google gets :wink: