Google Admob +News App Scrapped Content

I want to know if I publish the same news published on my news website in the mobile app and if I put the ad of Google Admob in it then I will get the violation of scrapped content in it or not.

What do the rest of the news app do in this case?

It would be helpful if anyone could please help me with this.

(I had heard somewhere that showing AdSense ads in mobile web view is not allowed. But don’t know is it true or not?)

Give a try once.

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Like me Google will not hesitate to disable my ads.

You either need to create an app from scratch in Android Studio or you can also use React Native for your Android app.

I am thinking to do this

I won’t recommend

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So, any better suggestion? because I also don’t want to do like this.

Yes, you heard right. Don’t try AdMob if Web view contents.

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