Google Adsense Customization (guide)

For your info to increase your Adsense is:

  1. Turn ON Auto Ads but switch off anchor ads and ON ONLY Vignette. The rest OFF. Anchor ads are low cpc.

  2. Put ADS in header or after title 300x280. 300x280>300x250 ( more or less the same)

  3. In my site responsive ads is worse than fix ads, because it is mosly mobile visitors.

  4. Do not put so many ADS, 1/2 link ads anda 300x280 (1 or 2 too).

  5. Blocking Ads, This is good, i block some ads that are redundant such as How to increase penis size, How to pay your debt using Black Magic. Do not laugh, there are such ads in certain country.

Most importanly is do not put so many ads in 1 page, except there re 2000 words.