Google Adsense Doesnt show after using w3totalcache

I do not know where to post this.

After moving to wpxhosting, my traffic drop and we found out that wprocket doesnt cache properly.

I use that setting. Idk what and how went wrong. It was fine with siteground.

Next, they recommend me to use W3totalcache and caching was fine. However, my adsense drop after moving to WPXhosting. it was 50% drop and there is no apparent shifting in ranking.

I do not know what is wrong, is it google adsense? is it the cdn from wpxhosting? is it the caching?

FYI: I move back to siteground to test, everything went normal, then i move back to wpxhosting because my plan is not sufficient enough.

I am lost.

I think something in your setting might be conflicting.
I have moved from siteground to wpx in the past as well as last week also.
I have seen no changes in ranking or earning. I am not sure of adsense. I use mediavine ads and there was no change. Infact my bounce rate decreased a little bit after moving. Pagespeed seems good as well.
I use wprocket+perfmatter on all my site that is in wpx. There is no problem whatsoever!
Remove w3TC and use wprocket and see if it changes anything!

can you show me ur setting? do you switch on caching on mobile? and how is your cdn setting?

Ask the support to set cdn.
No setting needed in wp rocket.
Yes mobile caching is on.
Keep all setting at base level.
Just the usual setup.
For any issue contact their support lol.
I choose this hosting for support only. I bug them for everything even if not related to hosting and they are good to help me out with it.

thank you