Google Adsense is not approved. Help me please


My Adsense request is rejected due to the following reason -

Can anyone help me to resolve these issues? How to fix it please help me.


Share the website URL so that we can check :jerry_savage:

Edit: It was on screenshot but BSNL did not show it :me_irl:


This is the blog -


Find and remove scrapped contents on your page. I found somethings on your bio via Copyscape.


Please rewrite your all contents by using this tool.
I think it will help you.
Tool :
Most scarped content error are fixed by this tool.
If it works then please reply me back.


I have removed my outdated post from the blog. Now, waiting for updating new post in the blog.

How many days will take time to remove the post from google search engine which I have removed from the blog?


Redirect your old post permalinks to some other relevant posts using 301 redirect.
Google may takes 3-7 days for removing your old posts from its search results.


Remove all links from Google search console
And wait for next indexing by Google


Thank you Rajdeep,

Will exclude homepage for removing the URL from the list?


No. Your homepage will remain same as it is added as property as a Google search console.
Google will remove your post & pages & other links.
Reply me if you need further help.