Google adsense related advice needed

Hi friends

I had a youtube channel back in 2016 which was google AdSense approved. I didn’t have any other website or channel at that time. Due to copyright issues, youtube blocked my channel.

But my AdSense account is still active & okay with a pending payment of $65. I applied for a PIN at that time but never received it. So it is still pending for PIN verification.

Now in march 2020, I created a website for which I’m thinking to apply for google AdSense next month. Should I use this AdSense account or open up a new by closing it?

If I use this account, will there be a chance that google would ban it in future because my channel was blocked copyright claims?

How to proceed in this issue?..please help!

Proceed with your existing account. If you face issue then look for another option.


A ban in google adsense would mean a lifetime ban? Means I will not be able to get another adsense account?

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Yes, but who cares?
You could create one with your family members’, friend’s or anyone’s name and use it.

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Yaa…Thanks a lot!

AdSense & YouTube are both different platforms. However, they are related to each other.

Your youtube channel was blocked for copyright issue as you have already mentioned.
So, how can it impact on AdSense, if you don’t violates any term & policies of AdSense?
Don’t keep such myths in your mind.

That’s all. carry on with the existing one as @GulshanKumar & @Astro have said above.


@rajdeep Earlier I had a YouTube channel linked with my current AdSense account. The channel was terminated a long while ago and had no problem with AdSense. I am still using the same account for both my new YT channel and Website.

@SK You could use the same AdSense again for YouTube or pretty much anything as long as the problem was with your older YouTube channel.


This answer may helpful also, it is saying to upgrade into full account.

This shows how you can use YT approved AdSense account with your website.

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Thank you all for clarifying the issue…that’s really helpful.
Love to find such a helping community!

Also great to know that @GulshanKumar brother is carrying on the forum the same helpful way as he was on SML forum back in 2016.


Thanks for being in touch.


Hi Gulshan Ji,

I am having one blogspot converted wordpress site was denied for Google Adsense saying that “How can you recommend medical advices or recommendations? Are you qualified medical person!” Can you suggest/advice whether i will able to get AdSense approval or not. Should i change the topic of my wordpress website or any other way. Since i have not logged into my wordpress after 3-4 months as i am very much disappointed as earlier the blogspot website was successfully running AdSense ads but wordpress domain was rejected.

Thanks in advance