Google AdSense Verification

Hello HGK Buddies,

@Gulshan Kumar I need Your Help, till now my Google AdSense account is not verified.
I have done my 2 attempt to verify but I didn’t received any post from Google & I have now left only 1 attempt to verify & I know that due to Coronavirus My this attempt will also going to fail.

Have You Any Idea How To Manually Verify The Google AdSense Account???

Thank You.

Note that, currently in India, posts services is temporally down due to lock down.

I haven’t received yet many of my important letters since March last week.

better will be if you can contact nearby postmaster if he/she received any letter belongs to you.

Its better to wait till the End of Lockdown. Even big MNCs have stopped their processes.

If you have 10K/Monthly pageviews, Try Ezoic.

They are soon going to remove the minimum traffic limit.
I think everyone can attemp above 3-5k pageview. No point in putting on any ads before that anyway!

I applied for Ezoic and using it, but their ad placements are very bad, they just ruined the UI of my website.

Try contacting support, they will suggest how to fix.

You mean by Post Office or Speed Post or someone else???

Have tried previously but website performance is not performing well.

They disabled all the new applications last month so maybe they haven’t started yet.